Ms. Janice Hakel- Ranasinghe and Mr. Imran Hassan attended the series of meetings held with Mr. Kumar de Silva, UNDP and Ministry of Tourism in drafting the National Tourism Policy.

  1. The SLAPCEO Committee submitted a detailed document with the below areas that need to be considered in the policy development.
  2. Licensing MICE Operators under SLTDA: Specific Policy development related to events (Licensing the event industry and supporting SMEs to enter the formal sector, developing guidelines for operators to maintain international standards of professionalism, monitoring malpractice and unauthorized foreign event organizers, policies that contribute to steady growth of this segment of tourism etc.)
  3. A guaranteed Board Seat on SLCB or SLTB Post-Amalgamation.
  4. Establish a MICE Task Force.
  5. Infrastructure development related to events. The requirement is for a purpose-built multi-functional Exhibition Centre which can host multiple events simultaneously. Training and Education initiatives related to events.
  6.  Destination Marketing related to events.
  7. Research & analysis of the data and its implications on this segment of tourism.

Mr. Imran Hassan attended the National Tourism Policy validation workshop on 21st January 2022.

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